Sudden Cardiac Arrest Can Be Survived If Quick Action Is Taken

This process must happen rapidly for the victim to have a chance. Having an AED is often a lifesaver. There are ceremonies and luncheons nationally to celebrate the survival of a patient experiencing SCA. It is an opportunity for the victim to meet the person or persons who participated in the resuscitation. There are many survivors locally and nationally who have been resuscitated by citizens who attended a CPR course or an employee who received training in the use of an AED. Being prepared by learning kunyit CPR and having an AED available have translated into increased survival rates. These steps are just as important as calling 911 and having EMS and the emergency departments facilitate excellent care. SCA is not preventable or predictable but by being trained and equipped you can prepare your home or organization to react quickly. Your healthcare provider can provide you with more information and discuss what actions you can take to decrease your chances of experiencing SCA. As always eating healthy, exercising regularly, and attending scheduled health exams will be beneficial. Organizations with an AED at their facility and CPR trained members or employees will increase the chance of survival. There is a national initiative attempting to place more AED in communities and organizations. The information and statistics support the benefit of this initiative. Creating a safer and more prepared household or organization will be beneficial to all. Questions and or comments regarding this weeks health column please contact William Torres Jr., EMS Department Head at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, 1200 Westwood Drive, Hamilton, MT 59840. Working together to build a healthier community! Copyright 2014 Ravalli Republic. All rights reserved.
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