Breast Cancer Care Launches Information Pack For Men With Breast Cancer – Medical News Today

People really pay attention to each other, and just as I have learned alot from the many chats Ive attended, I hope that Dr. Cowher and I were able to share some info. Even cooler is that Dr. Attai keeps the transcript of the chat to read later and gathers cool statistics on it as well. Here are some screen shots of the stats: #bcsm male breast cancer activity The graph above shows the activity for the ~1 hour of the chat. Read more.. Visit

“To help tackle this, we have developed this pack which provides men with tailored, comprehensive information. Its easy to follow format clearly explains each stage of diagnosis and treatment and includes information about types of breast cancer, treatment options and potential side effects. “We hope this resource will really improve men’s experience of breast cancer, helping them to understand what to expect and feel empowered and informed.” The pack includes quotes from men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, providing an insight into their experience. These personal tips are valuable support for men who might never meet another man with breast cancer. Men with personal experience of breast cancer have also reviewed the information pack to ensure it met their needs. Read more.. Visit

The signs of male breast cancer

About 85 per cent of men who are diagnosed are alive five years later, while the five-year survival rate for women is nearly 90 per cent. The important thing is that men – and their doctors – realise it is even a possibility. “In general, because there isnt as much breast tissue in men, the cancer might be more obvious early on,” Professor Olversaid. “But if you dont think you can get breast cancer, you might not think about it.” He says we are likely to see more men getting breast cancer as our population ages. The main feature [of male breast cancer] is age; it is a disease of the late 60s, and as the population ages you might expect some increase in male breast cancer, he said. Read more.. Visit

Genesis Blog

January 2, 2014 4:49 pm by Genesis The 2-Day Diet is the only clinically-proven 5:2 diet. It has been developed by award-winning research dietician, Dr Michelle Harvie, and internationally renowned Professor of Oncology, Tony Howell, who are both based here at the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Centre. Since its release in 2013, its taken the nation by storm; so much so that it was listed as the forth bestselling paperback manual of the year by the Sunday Times. Following its success, were excited to bring you The 2-Day Diet Quick and Easy Edition. This new version of the 2013 bestselling book, which is being featured in the Daily Mail this weekend, makes long-lasting weight loss even more attainable by simplifying the science and giving dieters new tools to stay on track. Read more.. Visit


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